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700Unknow Box (700 points)
You can get a random boss items!
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1000Pet Box (1000 points)
You can get a random Pet from this box!
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500100x SL Token (500 points)
You can change this token for usefull systems!
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250Premium Hero Water (250 points)
This hero water restore 20% Health and Chakra!
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200Exp Box (200 points)
You receive 20% experience!
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700Vocation Cauldrons (700 points)
You can change your proffesion!
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500Distance Box (500 points)
You can drop all distance weapons!
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500Glove Box (500 points)
You can drop all glove weapons!
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500Sword Box (500 points)
You can drop all swords!
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600Pacc Scroll 7days (600 points)
You receive 8 days of Premmium Account!
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1000Pacc Scroll 30days (1000 points)
You receive 30 days of Premmium Account!
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250Jounin Notes (250 points)
This notes give you bonus to skill +100%!
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250Akatsuki backpack (250 points)
This backpack gave you +10 ninjutsu!
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200Premium Amulet (200 points)
This amulet is equivalent of the amulet of loss + 5 ninjutsu!
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500Critic Flail (500 points)
You can skill critic to 50 with this weapon!
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500Lengendary Kunai (500 points)
You can skill attack speed 3x faster with this kunai!
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  • Level: 1054 | Ninjutsu: 32

  • Wandal
  • Level: 1016 | Ninjutsu: 43

  • Saska
  • Level: 1000 | Ninjutsu: 70

  • Weekend Party
  • Level: 1000 | Ninjutsu: 3

  • Perwers
  • Level: 565 | Ninjutsu: 72

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